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How We Work & What we Do

Wonder how we work? Here's How:

As a full-service travel concierge for leisure, business and bleaisure travel, My Trippa’s personal travel assistants will take care of every aspect of your next trip – whether you’re purchasing a package “out of the box” or need us to tailor make a private or corporate travel experience. Sounds ayoba, right? Here’s how we work. We have a bunch of ready-made travel experiences that you can browse through here Don’t see exactly what you had in mind? Let’s chat! We’ll connect you with your own personal travel assistant who will get to know you a bit better and start designing your next trip. Once we have nailed down where you would like to go, when, what your budget is and what you would like to experience while there, you will receive a customised trip outline. We’ll also provide you with quotes for visa arrangements, Forex and house, pet or baby sitters should you require those services. You’ll then have peace of mind knowing that flights, accommodation, shuttles and tickets for cultural or adventure experiences are booked exactly as discussed. We’ll even get in touch with airlines or hotels to advise them about any special requirements you might have. Due to extensive research we have done for our own trips and that of our clients, we have a list of “My Trippa-approved” accommodation and service providers that we use to ensure that your trip is filled with unforgettable experiences. We’ll take care of the details so you don’t have to. Let’s start planning your next trip together 😉

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