Travel Update – 1st October 2020

With the partial opening of international borders everyone has gotten a bit excited on the possibility of traveling out of the country again. WE definitely are too, yesterday it was confirmed that yes we can fly internationally but there are a few T’s & Cs – here is the low down on what you need to know:

International travel from countries listed as having a high COVID-19 infection and transmission rate, will remain prohibited except for business travel which may be allowed with the approval from home affairs.

The countries South African’s cannot visit for leisure travel or cannot receive visitors from include the following:

  1. Dominican Republic
  2. Ecuador
  3. Faroe Islands
  4. France
  5. French Polynesia
  6. Georgia
  7. Gibraltar
  8. Greece
  9. Guam
  10. Guatemala
  11. Guyana
  12. Honduras
  13. Hungary
  14. Iceland
  15. India
  16. Iran
  17. Iraq
  18. Ireland
  19. Israel
  20. Jamaica
  21. Jordan
  22. Kosovo
  23. Kuwait
  24. Lebanon
  25. Luxembourg
  26. Maldives
  27. Malta
  28. Mexico
  29. Moldova
  30. Monaco
  31. Montenegro
  32. Netherlands
  33. Nepal
  34. North Macedonia
  35. Oman
  36. Palestine
  37. Panama
  38. Palau
  39. Paraguay
  40. Portugal
  41. Puerto Rico
  42. Romania
  43. Qatar
  44. Russia
  45. San Marino
  46. St Marteen
  47. Slovakia
  48. Slovenia
  49. Suriname
  50. Switzerland
  51. Trinidad and Tobago
  52. Turks and Caicos Islands
  53. Ukraine
  54. United Kingdom
  55. United States of America
  56. US Virgin Islands
  57. Venezuela



The 18 land borders which were partially operational, will be fully operational, and the 35 land borders currently closed, will remain closed.


Conditions & Requirements:

All travellers from the African Continent and from countries outside the African Continent with a low rate of COVID-19 infection and transmission, can travel into the country, and we may visit their countries – these are the conditions:

  • The person traveling must provide a valid certificate of a negative PCR (polymerise chain reaction) test which was obtained not more than 72 hours before the date of travel; and
  • In the event of the traveller’s failure to submit a certificate as proof of a negative test, the traveller will be required to quarantine at his or her own costs.

International air travel is only available from the following airports-

  • OR Tambo International Airport;
  • King Shaka International Airport; and
  • Cape Town International Airport.


Whatever you decide to do & where ever you decide to go don’t forget that you need to ensure you wear your mask and pack your santizer in your hand luggage – the primary goal when travelling is always to stay safe so please take all the precautions needed

If you were thinking of visiting certain countries you may need to book more of a “stay-cation” – some countries are allowing access but not for short stays an example is Mauritius that has has announced that they will have a phased easing of travel restrictions. The borders will be open to Mauritian nationals, residents and tourists travelling to Mauritius for long stays but passengers will have to undergo a PCR (polymerise chain reaction) test 5 days prior to travel & show the test on arrival and in addition will be subjected to a 14-day quarantine at an establishment approved by the authorities.

For more information on where to go and how to start planning for your next trip contact us on www.mytrippa.com / info@mytrippa.com


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