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Sport Tour Offers

Sports Tours provide the youth with valuable international and national experience not only within their sports code but the bonds formed with the fellow competitors, we at My Trip PA believe it is vital for young players from all sports codes to experience touring with the club, academy or school. The touring atmosphere provides the scholars with important social skills and allowing them to have a form of independence, while away from home they are in charge of their own success. This is why we have partnered with RDJ Sports Development to provide the opportunity of a lifetime, the ability to tour to any continent with tailormade packages from 5 days to as many as your heart desires. With decades of experience creating memorable tours around the world there is no company better to provide pocket savey tours to South Africa, Austria, Portugal, Argentina, United Kingdom, Ireland, USA and many many more. 


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United World Games – Austria

UNITED WORLD GAMES 13 Sports           30 Nations           30 Sports Venues The centre of the United World Games is the so called Wörthersee stadium, a state-of-the-art sports arena that was built for the European Soccer

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Lesotho – Afriski from 280pp

SHARING THE RICHES OF THE MOUNTAINS Closer to home but a world away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, Lesotho offers you a warm welcome – no matter how cold and snowy the winters may get. Explore the

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